London road trip!

This weekend the boyfriend and I headed down to visit on of my very best friends who lives in London (Ontario, not the cool London :p). I went to college there, and hadn’t been back to visit in a few years. It was also the first time my boyfriend and best bud were able to meet, which I was really excited for! We’ve been talking about doing this for a while now, and it finally worked out!

So after a looong car ride, which I never enjoy, we met up with my pal, and her new boyfriend and had a sort of double date dinner and drinks. It was cute, and I’m so happy we all got to meet! It was also nice to be hanging out with people who are understanding of my limitations. Even my bestie’s boyfriend was making sure everyone wasn’t walking too fast so I could keep up, and things like that. She has filled him in on the details of my MS, and it was just comfortable for me. When I had to take a cab to get to the next location no one questioned it, and I didn’t have to feel embarrassed, and explain myself, which can happen sometimes around new people. Also my friend works early most days so was just as tired as I was, so we ended up not staying out too late. We went back to the hotel to relax and tried out the hot tub.. Which ended up being more of a lukewarm tub, that was full of drunk thirty-something’s, one of whom ended up leaving and throwing up red wine on the floor of the pool area. Always something interesting to see in London!

On the way home the next day, the boyfriend and I made a stop in a little nearby town called Woodstock, and visited the slot casino there for a bit (I won a whole 5 dollars!!) and this really cute antique/one of a kind market that had tons of interesting stuff to look through. I even bought a cool wooden owl picture to hang at home, and a salt and pepper set to add to my growing collection. I could have bought more of these, so many to choose from!

2015/01/img_0395.jpgJust one of the stall’s selection of salt and pepper shakers!

The car ride home was a bit difficult for me, I hadn’t slept well at the hotel the night before, and my strange light headed/dazed symptoms seem to get worse when I’m in a car for some reason. Not sure if it’s the motion, or small space, but I feel like I don’t breathe well or something, and I felt like I might pass out for a lot of it. It’s very strange. It was all worth it though, I had a nice time and am really happy that I finally got to introduce two of my favourite people to each other!

So after a great weekend, I’m back home catching up on chores, and then I have choir/singing group practice tonight, but for now I’m off to attempt a trip to the grocery store. It may not sound like much but it takes a lot out of me to walk there, shop and walk back. But today I’m going to try, all in an attempt at keeping busy and doing more in spite of my MS :D



A new year

The holidays have come and gone for another year. As you may remember if you read my last post, I spent most of it quite ill. This includes New Year’s Eve, which I was hoping to be better in time for, but instead I spent it at home with my lovely boyfriend who didn’t mind staying in and watching the countdown with me, thankfully!

With the start of a new year, I can’t help but think about what will be in store for me in 2015. I’m hoping its a more positive year then a lot of 2014 was for me, and I’m trying to stay in the mind set of making the most of the time to come. I hope to find things this year that allow me to feel fulfilled, and like I’m moving forward with my life! While I’m thankful for a lot of the experiences I had in 2014, I’m ready to start fresh and try new things in 2015. I really hope to travel more this year, and to find some kind of work that I am passionate about. 

Someone’s it can be hard not to let it get to me, feeling unwell can be pretty overwhelming, but I really want to try to do even more this year in spite of my health problems! This year is going to be my year of trying to stay positive, and enjoying my life as it is now. Even if there are days when I don’t feel well or get a bit overwhelmed by all of it, I want to try to remember to focus on the good, and have days that I’m able to do something great!

Fingers crossed for a good year for all of us :)