Yah mon! 

I just got back from a week in Jamaica a few days ago! My boyfriend and I went to an all inclusive resort in Montego Bay, and it was great! For the first day or so I was kind of worried it was was a mistake to go, it was soo hot (and with my MS I’ve gotten really sensitive to the heat) and I was struggling a bit getting around the huge resort. But thankfully they moved us a bit closer to everything and I figured out what worked for me. It mostly consisted of getting up and having breakfast then heading right to the pool, and the shade! With the breeze the shade was a nice place to lounge for me, especially after being in the water, or sitting at the swim up bar ;) 

We didn’t do any excursions on this trip, we really wanted a relaxing week so we just took it easy. It was so nice to have “what are we going to have for lunch?” be the biggest decision we had to make during the day! We also were there on my boyfriend’s 30th birthday, and what a way to celebrate! The hotel sent us some champagne and breakfast in the morning, and we spent the day in the water (with the bartender trying to make him do lots of shots!) and we went to their Japanese restaurant for dinner where they cook on the flattop in front of you, which was really fun.

We had such a nice time and didn’t want to come back to reality, or the cold Toronto weather! It’s a different kind of travel than what I usually want to do, more exploring and seeing sites, but this was just what we both needed. And it also made it easier for me to not have to worry about getting around! We also met some nice people, and even got a few of them on Facebook to keep in touch with. It was so nice,  we’re already wanting to plan the next one!

Everyting irie mon! 


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