Travelling is something I love to do. This blog used to be called “The Travelling MSer” and I planned to write all about my travels, but then I didn’t actually going anywhere that often!

This year I’m really lucky and am getting to travel more. Back in January I went to Florida for a few days, and had a lovely time relaxing. Then in March, I went to the Bahamas with some family and my partner and was there for my 30th birthday, which was so nice! It was a good time of year for me too as the heat wasn’t so bad. It was really beautiful, and I did some swimming in the non heated slightly chilly pools, and rented a mobility scooter to help me get around The Atlantis, the massive resort we stayed at for the last few days, which was so helpful! I’ve never done that before, and was a little unsure, but it ended up helping me do and see so much more than I would have been able to otherwise. Definitely a good decision!

In June, we’re going to Portugal and I’m going to do the same scooter rental idea while we’re in super hilly Lisbon. I feel pretty proud of myself that I’m embracing doing things like asking for assistance when needed, and planning ahead with scooter rentals. It’s something I would have struggled with in the past, but am looking at as a helpful tool rather than something to feel embarrassed about. Go me!

The heat in Portugal is a bit of a worry for me, but we will often be by the water which I’m sure will help, and I will figure out ways to keep cool and enjoy myself!

Looking forward to continuing to embrace the helpful things and not be shy about my limitations. I plan on making the most of each trip that I’m so lucky to take this year!



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